Treatment Of Bad Breath

Verbal communication plays an important role in our everyday lives.

It can deliver success in a career and happiness in life, but halitosis, or bad breath, can be a major barrier hampering many who lack the confidence to confidently express their ideas and thoughts.

There are traditional treatments forbad breath but these can be arduous and provide only temporary solutions.
Apple Dental Clinic offers a range of treatments for bad breath which are both safe and efficient.

How do we know if we have bad breath?

People with bad breath are often not aware of their problem but the people they are talking to are only too aware.
To check your breath, cup your hand in front of your mouth and nose and then breathe out.

Using technology, you can check the status of your breath simply by measuring the concentration of bad breath with a halimeter. This is effective and simple.

What causes bad breath?

  • Eating foods with a strong odor such as garlic and onion
  • Poor oral hygiene, not cleaning plaque or food remains on and around the teeth providing an opportunity for bacterial growth
  • Tooth decay leaving gaps where leftover food accumulates and where bacteria proliferate
  • Irregular tongue cleaning, white tartar on tongue is an ideal place for bacteria
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Stomach valve openings
  • Respiratory problems due to dry mouth
  • Gum infection, liver failure and renal failure


Apple Dental Clinic provides thorough treatment

Many patients who have bad breath commonly use traditional treatment or temporary treatment by using product such as spray drug or mint candy.

Many people come to Apple Dental Clinic who do this treatment method but get little benefit from it. Using a specified toothpaste and mouthwash is also a fast way to prevent bad breath.

The highly-trained professionals at Apple Dental Clinic can find out the exact cause and offer specific and long-term effective methods for fixing bad breath.

They will identify the source of the problem and select for you the most appropriate treatment which will bring the fastest effective result. This includes treatment for those suffering from stomach valve openings, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, periodontal disease or dry mouth.

Why choose Apple Dental Clinic?

  • The best equipment and medicines for bad breath
  • A talented team of dentists with many years of experience
  • Professional customer care to put you at ease

Bad breath should be treated thoroughly. After treatment, follow the dentist’s instructions and have regular examinations every two years so that bad breath will never retun.

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