Tooth Sensitivity

What is tooth sensitivity?

This is the unpleasant or painful sensation you may experience in a tooth or teeth when you eat or drink something hot or cold, such as ice cream or a cup of hot coffee.

Sweet or acidic food and drinks can also trigger a sensitive reaction in the teeth.

Many people even go as far as to change their eating or drinking habits to avoid the sensitive reaction, some even feel the need to avoid their favourite food and drinks, or change the way they chew food.

Tooth sensitivity can affect people of all ages and if not treated promptly, it can lead to weight loss and a general deterioration in health, happiness and quality of life.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

There are many possible causes:

  • Worn tooth enamel through use of a hard toothbrush or applying too much pressure to the teeth when brushing
  • Brushing the teeth more than three times a day
  • Consuming highly acidic food and drinks such as flavoured sodas
  • Gum recession due to age or gum disease
  • Chipped or fractured teeth, tooth decay or worn fillings that expose the dentin of the tooth
  • Frequent grinding of the teeth, especially by people who snore
  • In women after child birth
  • Some dental treatments such as teeth bleaching, dental scaling, dental braces or fillings.


How to prevent tooth sensitivity?

Prevention can only come after identification of the cause of the sensitivity.

At Apple Dental Clinic, we will examine you to check whether the problem is due to exposed dentin of the tooth or another cause and apply the appropriate treatment as well as providing guidance for proper dental care at home.

You should always use a toothbrush with soft bristles and not brush to strongly to prevent abrasion of the tooth enamel and recession of the gums. A special toothpaste for sensitive teeth is also recommended.

What will Apple Dental Clinic do for you?

  • Apply fluoride gel to sensitive areas to promote healthy teeth
  • Provide a follow-up program so you can do what is necessary at home to eliminate the likelihood of sensitivity in the future including advice on the toothpaste and toothbrush type which are best for you
  • Fit prostheses to reconstruct damaged teeth and lost enamel to keep the teeth healthy
  • Ensure the optimal fit between top and bottom teeth to prevent unnecessary wear, especially for those who grind their teeth
  • Apply gel to help heal damaged dentine
  • If necessary because of missing teeth, provide ceramic coating to protect the pulp inside the tooth

Apple Dental Clinic brings together highly-trained, professional staff who use only the latest technology equipment, drugs and methods to deliver you first rate care and minimise your pain and distress from sensitive teeth.

We recommend avoiding self-treatment for tooth sensitivity as without professional dental examination and identification of the cause, this could see the condition worsen with serious, long term consequences.

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