No one wants to havetheir teeth removed but when problems such as significant tooth decay or misaligned teeth exist, then tooth extraction is requiredto ensure good oral health.

Apple Dental Clinic considers all options in full consultation with the patient before extraction is recommended.

Who should have tooth extraction minor surgery?

Extraction may be necessary if you have:

  • Bad tooth decay or nerve damagecausing prolonged pain andwhich cannot be treated with medicine or other methods. Minor extractionquickly eases the pain. If left untreated, tooth decay can result in pain and can cause infection.
  • Wisdom teeth which have grown late and are misaligned and painful. They can affect chewing and talking but both problems can be remedied with extraction. Bacteria from food residual around wisdom teeth can cause gum infection which then leads to swelling and pain, bad breath and sometimes locked jaw. Gum disease can recur repeatedly until the wisdom teeth have been either treated or removed. In some cases, if issues with wisdom teeth are not treated promptly, the infection spreads to the surrounding area, such as ears, cheeks, eyes and neck endangering health and even life.
  • Severe periodontal (gum)disease:the may be loose because the surrounding supportive bone has been destroyed and cannot be repaired in which case extraction is the most simple and economical solution.
  • Orthodontic braces. It is sometimes necessary to have teeth extracted to create the space needed for orthodontic treatment.
  • Broken teeth and/or a broken teeth root due to injury which cannot be treated by filling any other form of restoration.

What is the process for extraction?

The dentist will first give the patient a full oral examination before deciding which treatment option to recommend. Extraction is likely to resolve the issue of severe pain over an extended period and where other methods for treatment are not practical or possible.

The degree of difficulty in extracting a tooth depends on the position and shape of thetooth root, this is determined from an X-ray scan. The dentist will explain exactly what is involved in the patient’s individual case and how easy or difficult extraction is likely to be. Normally,extraction is easier for upper teeth than lower.

After extraction, the mouth will swell, this can last a few days in the case of wisdom teeth extractions. However, the wound will soon heal and the dentist will provide instructions on how to best shorten this healing process.

Tooth extraction procedure at the Apple Dental Clinic

Step 1: The dentist will check the status of the patient’s oral health, conduct an X-rayscan of the jaw andcheck general health to determine the patient is suitable for minor surgery.

Step 2 : The patient takes pain medicationsprior to surgery, uses mouthwash and blood pressure measurements are taken in preparation for the extraction.

Step 3 : The dentist will apply anesthesia to minimize or eliminate pain from the tooth extraction and perform the surgery.

Step 4 : The patient returns for a follow-up examination after the surgery and any stitches will be removed after seven days.

What to do if you have tooth extraction minor surgery

  • Keep absorbent cotton-wool pads in for 20-30 minutes if there is bleeding.
  • Apply cold compresses within the first 24hours. Apply the compress for 15 minutes then rest for 15 minutes to relieve the pain and swelling(the cold pack should be kept in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.)
  • In the early days after surgery, eat only foods, avoid chewing and keep the injury clean to avoid infection and to speed up the healing.
  • Do not put anything on the wound or drink through a straw. Do not eat salty food that can make the injury sting.
  • Do not use mouthwash within the first three days;do not drink alcohol or smoke or overwork.
  • Normal eating can resume usually after three days but be careful about chewing in the area where the tooth was removed.
  • Brush the teeth carefully, use mouthwash with diluted salt water or saline solution from the third day after minor surgery. Avoid using other mouthwashes unless specified.
  • Take medicine as prescribed by the dentist.
  • Contact the dentist if there are any unusual signs such as numbness, bleeding, fever, swelling or other prolonged pain.

When not to have teeth extraction minor surgery?

  • Infection: With tooth decay and wisdom teeth grow, severe problems can lead to infection from teeth to the bone and surrounding gum. In this case the anesthetic will not workand tooth extraction infection could spread throughout the bodyso tooth extraction cannot be performed. The extraction would be postponed until the infection has been cured with antibiotics.
  • For those who often use anticoagulant, the extraction cannot be performed as there is the risk of serious bleeding. Normally, the tooth extraction can be performed if a patient ceases use of the drug for three days prior to the extraction.
  • If the patient has undergone heart surgeryin the six months prior to the extraction, strengthened antibiotics must be used to prevent infection.
  • Those with weak health, high or low blood pressure, or a history of allergies should also be monitored carefully before deciding to proceed with a tooth extraction.


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