Porcelain Esthetics Crowns & Bridges

Being happy with your smile, not being self-conscious when we show our teeth, is important to us all.

Apple Dental Clinic specializes in porcelain esthetics. These are crowns and bridges that have a natural look and feel, and are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

How many types of porcelain esthetics are there?

At Apple Dental Clinic, we apply two methods to bring high efficiency: the tooth crown and the tooth bridge.

After a full examination, the dentist will discuss with the patient and advise the most appropriate type of treatment.

  • Tooth Crown

Many customers visit Apple Dental Clinic when they have a problem with broken teeth. Issues we see most often are:

  1. Teeth are cracked, chipped and have a weak root
  2. Dull teeth, yellowed teeth not improved by other treatments
  3. Damagedimplant teeth
  4. Treated root canal teeth
  5. Inappropriate and bad shaped teeth.

The expert dentist will use a crown to cover the entire tooth damage.

Besides increasing the load-bearing capacity, the crown also helps improve the shape and colour of the teeth.

This method is very popular delivering strength and a natural looking beauty to the tooth.

  • Tooth Bridge

Unlike a crown which is used mainly for prosthetic work,a dental bridge is the cure for those customers experiencing the loss of one or more teeth.

Loss of teeth seems a simple concept but the impact is not quite that simple. Teeth are part of a unit, one tooth supporting others.

If one or more teeth are lost, it will firstly cause imbalance, hurt the teeth bite and reduce the strength of the remaining teeth. As time goes by, it will lead to periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gum inflammation.

When you lose a tooth, you should quickly look for the most appropriate method of treat.

An implant is an excellent method but for some, it is beyond their budget. Apple Dental Clinic is also expert in tooth implants delivering extraordinary value when compared with the prices charged in other countries.

If an implant might be out of reach, a tooth bridge is also highly effective.

The dentist will examine how strong is the jaw mold and the condition of the area from where teeth are missing. If it is healthy, a tooth bridge will extendits function. The dentist will craft a small part of the two teeth on each side of the missing for use as poles on both sides for mounting the bridge.

Replacement teeth will be attached to dental pulp.

What material is used for Tooth Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

These materials are quite diverse and the choice is up to the customer, with expert advice from Apple Dental Clinic.

Materials for crowns and bridges include porcelain,gold, plastic and alloy. However,using porcelain gives great strengthand colour similar to natural teeth.

How long can you use Tooth Crown and Tooth Bridge?

Normally, we can use crowns and bridges are permanent. However, in some cases, because of improper oralcare, teeth and bone tissue aredamaged, then the life will be decreased.

To ensure long- term use, Apple Dental Clinic makes the following recommendations:

  • Keep gums and teeth healthy by brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and use dental floss daily
  • Limit using of hard, solid foods and iced water
  • Visit the dentist periodically for a check-up

What are features of Dental Esthetics at Apple Dental Clinic?

  • You will be treated by highly qualified and experienced dentists whowill ensure the tooth restoration process is successful and carried out quickly.
  • At Apple Dental Clinic, we have a team of talenteddentists with many years of professional experience and who have attended many training courses all over the world. Among them is Dr. Tran Quan Thuy – Director of the center –senior expert on dentistry.
  • Fitting crowns and bridges requires professional medical examination so that the outcome is most successful for the patient and meets all their needs and expectations.  At Apple Dental Clinic, patients will have a CT scan to determine the exact positions the dentist will work on, have parameters takenand the jaw marked.The dentist will then discuss the situation closely with the patient to help them understand and choose the most appropriate treatment.
  • The materials usedfor crowns and bridges plays an important part in both the appearance and the durability. Apart from common materials, at Apple Dental Clinic, customers can also choose Nobel Biocare Zirconia porcelain (its color is similar to original color of teeth, it brings biological safety while completely avoiding the black gum line) or porcelain on  precious metals ( gold , platinum  or palladium to increasedurability)

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