Painless Root Canals


Some people worry about undergoing root canal treatment for a troublesome tooth. The first thing to know about root canal treatment at Apple Dental Clinic is that it doesn’t cause pain it relieves it! And the relief can be near immediate.

At Apple Dental Clinic, our team of dental experts understands what you are suffering. They are highly trained professionals, expert in treating and mitigating  pain using root canal treatment.

What is a root canal?

The root canal inside a tooth contains many blood vessels and nerves. These are  surrounded by dentin and finally, on the outside, is the enamel. Infection of the root canal results in pain for the patient.

Why do you have root canal treatment?

Root canal is treated by removing the inflamed pulp out of the whole canal system inside the tooth by drilling with the aim of preserving the tooth, allowing for normal chewing without pain. If the infection of the root canal is not treated, it can further endanger health by spreading to other teeth, so treatment should be undertaken as soon as possible.

How does the root canal of my tooth become infected?

Infection starts with tooth decay. The infection can cause tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold liquids, eating hot and cold, sweet and sour food. It is important to address this problem quickly.

Besides tooth decay, other causes of infection include broken or chipped teeth due to traumatic rupture of the blood vessel that feeds the pulp inside the tooth.

Improper oral hygiene causing bacteria in the mouth can also lead to infection, as can environmental pressure changes.

What are the symptoms of root canal infection?

There are two types of infection: acute or chronic inflammation.

Acute results in severe pain.

Chronic inflammatory pain can come suddenly or be continuous, the severity of this pain is less than acute. This toothache attack usually lasts from 3 to 30 minutes, it can be mild pain or severe pain in the tooth or spread around the head.

If using painkillers but not seeing any benefit or if the pain is long-lasting and not tended to promptly by your Apple Dental Care professional, it can result in dead pulp inside the tooth.

If the infection spreads to other teeth, it can cause broken teeth, worn teeth or serious gum disease.

Types of root canal infection

Recoverable endodontitis: endodontitis caused by tooth decay. The main symptom is pain which may ease at night. It feels similar to tooth decay and sensitivity. The pain intensity will increase when the tooth comes into contact with hot or cold food and drink. If not treated promptly, it will lead to inflammation of other teeth.

Acute endodontitis: This type of endodontitis is much more severe than recoverable endodontitis, with the pain increasing markedly when food enters a hole caused by tooth decay. Hot and cold food will result in pain often spreading across other teeth.

Chronic endodontitis: You will suffer from intermittent pain which could last for hours. The pain attack is usually shorter and the pain at night is stronger.

Necrosis root canal: is a serious case of endodontitis but as the tooth is non-vital or ‘dead’, it does not require treatment and the patient will not feel pain from the tooth.

How does Apple Dental Clinic treat endodontitis?

Endodontitis should be treated as soon as possible since a patient with root canal pain can use painkillers only temporarily as long term use produces negative side effects.

If the dentist advises the affected tooth removed, it should be taken out promptly to eliminate pain. If advised to keep the tooth then root canal treatment should be undertaken.

If suffering short pain attacks lasting around three to five minutes, see your dentist to decide whether root canal therapy is needed. Then follow up in six months to check. If you have not felt pain, there is no need for root canal therapy. If the pain intensity has increased the root canal should be removed. Anesthesia will be used  around the tooth root and tooth will be drilled to open, clean and shape the root canal which will be sealed.

Apple Dental Clinic features many types of the most modern equipment and methods for shaping the root canal tube to reduce any discomfort when removing the root canal.

Deep decay holes will be sealed with amalgam or composite to ensure there are no holes to pick up food causing a relapse. Teeth will be coated with porcelain to ensure optimal aesthetic and function.

It is not difficult to implement root canal treatment, however, for maximum efficiency and to avoid pain, Apple Dental Clinic is a modern dental centre offering examination and advice.

Self- healing or reliance on less specialized service can make your situation worse.

Apple Dental Clinic has long term experience and the modern equipment needed to successfully treat any root canal infection.

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