Invisible Braces


“A confident smile radiates both health and beauty …
Orthodontics is the best way to bring balance to your smile.”

Many people’s teeth are not straight and even, that’s a fact, but with expert dental intervention, you can have and share a stunning smile.

You can be comfortable with your teeth – the way they look to you and others, and the way they work.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics (braces) is a method of adjusting irregularities of the teeth and is used to address conditions such as buck teeth, gaps in teeth, crowded teeth and misaligned or crooked teeth.

Modern cosmetic dentistry is highly effective in increasing and improving the aesthetics of teeth.

The highly-trained staff at Apple Dental Clinic bring together their knowledge, skills and experience to help people of all ages have beautiful, straight teeth using the latest techniques and materials such as braces, wires, springs, and elastics to get just the result each patient requires.

Whether removable or fixed, Apple Dental Clinic applies the optimal treatment method.

What is the best time for Orthodontics?

Normally, the best age for orthodontic braces is between six and 16 years. This is because the structure of children’s teeth is still forming making it easy to adjust. So orthodontics applied at that age can be preventive rather than responsive.

The “training” from early childhood is quicker and easier than having to adjust teeth when they have become rigid and will ensure that each person owns a beautiful smile in adulthood.

This does not mean that adults cannot benefit from orthodontics. Apple Dental Clinic successfully treats many adult patients who are delighted with the results.

Apple Dental Clinic brings flawless results to customers of any age.

Is orthodontics right for you?

A visit to the Apple Dental Clinic will let you know what is possible, how long it will take and how much it will cost.
When you attend the clinic, our experts will use analytical tools and diagnostics, determine the status of your oral health, consider your treatment history and advise you on what is best for you.

If you have any of these conditions, it is worth the time to visit Apple Dental Clinic for a consultation and to receive honest advice:

  • Crowded teeth: cramped teeth on the jaw makes gives a disfigured appearance
  • Teeth and jaw malformations: buck teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Cross bite: a form of malocclusion where a tooth (or teeth) is either closer to the cheek or to the tongue) than its corresponding tooth in the upper or lower dental arch
  • Open bite: when the upper incisors do not touch the lower incisors when biting, but there is a gap between the chewing surfaces of the front teeth and / or side teeth
  • Too many teeth spaces: teeth space is too large due to tooth loss or incomplete teeth


Which is the better type of brace for me?

Depending on the state of your teeth, your age and needs, our expert orthodonticsdental team will advise you on whether a removable or fixed device will best achieve your aims.

How long does it take for this treatment method?

  • For children: If the child’s teeth are in good condition, orthodontics will taketwo to three years. This is because children’s teeth are in the process of change and development and so it takes more time to complete.
  • For adults: Normally 18 months if there is no need for tooth extraction, 24 months where teeth need to be removed.

Will orthodontics be painful?

If force is used to move the teeth quickly, there can be discomfort. In the long term, the result is not good, physically or psychologically.

If using light pressure, the teeth move more slowly but this approach is safe and sustainable, minimizing pain and discomfort. The important factor in this case is patience.

At Apple Dental Clinic, we always look into each case and use the lightest orthodontic force while still delivering an effective result. We understand that when you are comfortable in both body and mind, the long-term treatment of orthodontics will no longer be a barrier.

Why choose Apple Dental Clinic for your Orthodontics?

With a highly professional approach and long experience in the field of orthodontics, Apple Dental Clinic can deliver fully on your needs. Each customer has different health conditions and teeth, the correct treatment is only effective when tailored specifically for your needs by an experienced orthodontal team.

The Apple Dental Clinic team is highly proficient at developing complete empathy with their patients taking time to understand the specific outcomes the patient seeks. The result is a process which minimizes or eliminates discomfort and pain from orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics is an important specialty of dentistry. To perform well, it requires having dentists who specialize in this industry. A general dentist can deliver simple orthodontics butspecialists have greater knowledge and experience and are more capable of handling all cases applying a broader range of solution options. At Apple Dental Clinic, we have the orthodontic team to satisfy any of your requirements.

Time is a barrier to many customers interested in orthodontic services. Apple Dental Clinic always examines, diagnoses, consults and regularly monitors treatment status to ensure the best possible process and outcome throughout the treatment period.

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