Removable dentures from Apple Dental Clinic are an economical way of replacing missing teeth offering functionality when chewing and the appearance of natural teeth.

What are the advantages of a removable denture?

A removable denture can be completed at lower cost than a fixed denture or other restoration measures such as an implant.

Depending on whether upper or lower dentures, the base frame can be made from titanium metal, dental plastic or ceramics. These materials are benign and absolutely safe for the body, they do not irritate gumsnor are there any other negative side effects.

Removable dentures can be inserted and removed easily, they are easy to clean, never have cavities and do not make chewing difficult.

They improve facial aesthetics,can help build a good appetite and improvepronunciation when talking.

Denturetake a little time to create and fit and deliver long lasting durability, especially a fixed removable denture on an implant or on metal frame.

Who should use removable dentures?

For those who lose a few teeth and who find implants expensive, the removable dentureis the optimal restoration method.

For patients with missing teeth interspersed with long spaces between where a fixed restoration is not possible, the removabledenture is the answer.

Types of removable denture at Apple Dental Clinic:

Hard plastic removable denture

This can be a partial or full denture with a hard plastic base. A partial denture is for patients with a few teeth missing while a full denture is for those without teeth on the top, bottom or both jaws.

Removable denture with metal frame

This is similar to the hard plastic removable denture but with a metal frame which allows the denture to be smaller often giving the patient greater comfort.

Elastic removable denture

This is on a biosoftplastic base without a metal hook.Its advantage is that itsframeis lighter and fits tighter than a hard plastic or metal frame denture. The elastic denture lasts longer due to its elasticity giving greater resilienceand better aestheticswithout the presence of a metal hook.

Removable denture procedure at Apple Dental Clinic

Step 1: The dentist will do a full examination of the teeth and gums, determine the health status of the patient, perform X-ray scans to check the density and height ofthe jaw, then discuss with the patient the suitability, advantages and disadvantages of each type of denture and explain fully the process to be undertaken.

Step 2: The dentist will take measurements of the jaw frame and size of the tooth gap thensendit to the technical department to make dentures to fit that patient’s teeth frame.

Step 3: The dentist carries out a process of cleaning the oral cavity

Step 4: The denture is attached temporarily to check its fit and then adjusted if necessary and the dentist discusses with the patient how the denture is to be used, washed, etc.

Insertion and removal of the denture is painless without any bleeding giving beautiful teeth in the shortest possible time. It is usual to feel slight discomfort when the denture is first fitted however after a short time the denturewill have adapted to the body.

A removable denture from the Apple Dental Clinic has been life changing for many, restoring appetite, significantly improving facial aesthetics and rebuilding personal confidence.

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