Dentalcare For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most special time in a woman’s life when her body undergoes massive change.

One of the side effects of the hormonal changes during pregnancy is the easy development of oral disease.

Plaque bacteria caused by poor oral hygiene can lead to pregnancy gingivitis, red gums, swelling, pain and bleeding. So during pregnancy, women need to pay special attention to oral care to protect their teeth for the future.

What dental diseases do pregnant women often encounter?

  1. Gingivitis

This is the most common oral disease related to pregnancy and usually begins as early as at the second month. If women have previously had gingivitis during pregnancy, the situation can be much worse.

Without early detection and prompt treatment, gingivitis can lead to periodontal inflammation, causing destruction of the tissues that support the teeth leading to tooth loss.

  1. Pregnant granuloma

This is a build up of tissue in response to infection and bleeds easily. Normally, it will disappear after the birth however if it causes discomfort and impedes chewing or dental hygiene during pregnancy, then the dentist can remove it.

  1. Tooth decay

Pregnant women often need more nutrition than usual for child development, so pregnant women should eat more and snack often.

If the woman experiences morning sickness early in her pregnancy, vomiting can bring up gastric acid from the stomach which can impact tooth minerals and easily lead to tooth decay.

Why should pregnant women have dental checks during pregnancy?

Many studies show that gum disease during pregnancy is related to premature birth and low birth weight due to increased hormone levels and periodontal disease so pregnant women should have a dental check to detect early symptoms of the disease and to be given timely treatment.

The most suitable time for dental treatment is during the second quarter of pregnancy when the patient can still be comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Teeth whitening should be avoided during pregnancy.

Apple Dental Clinic has advanced dental X-ray machines with specific radiation settings for pregnant women ensuring absolute safety for both the mother and the baby.

Dental care for pregnant women

  • Before pregnancy, have an oral check to ensure safety at the highest level.
  • The diet for pregnant women needs to be balanced to ensure oral health for the mother and nutrition for infant. The baby’s teeth will begin to develop from three to six months so pregnant women should provide enough nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, C and D , protein , phosphorus and iron.
  • Always keep the mouth and teeth clean, brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and use floss after eating.
  • Periodic examination during pregnancy also helps pregnant women maintain oral health and to avoid potential problems before they become real.

 Apple Dental Clinic staff are highly trained professionals who put all our patients at ease as they receive excellent treatment using the latest technologies and materials.

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