Dental Care For The Elderly

Taking proper care of teeth is the best way to ensure they are strong and healthy.

Dental care is important for all ages, but this is particularly true for the elderly.

Despite regular brushing and flossing of teeth, elderly people can still suffer from many dental problems such as gingival atrophy and receding gums, dry mouth, yellow teeth and brittle teeth.

Many older people eventually lose their teeth making it difficult to eat and it makes them uncomfortable.

Dental care with proper nutrition

Eating the right foods is important for keeping teeth healthy, also cleaning the teeth after eating.

The diet for elderly people should be rich in green vegetables and fresh fruit.

They should eat additional nutrients such as protein, meat, egg, shellfish, soy milk and all kinds of fruit to supplement vitamins and mineral salt to help teeth healthy, avoid eating animal fat and offal.

They should also not eat too hot or too cold food.

After each meal, they should brush their teeth to remove food plaque and be sure not to leave food on or between their teeth.

Food remnants facilitate the growth of bacteria that creates acid and destroys tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay.

Regular dental checks four times a year

While young people are advised to have dental checks twice each year, the elderly should have their teeth checked at Apple Dental Clinic every three months to see if they have any problems, especially with gum diseases that can lead to buccal mucosa cancer.

Periodontal disease prevention for the elderly

Most elderly people are at risk of periodontal disease due to bacterial plaque.

Symptoms include swollen gums, bleeding gums and an unpleasant discharge of pus.

If they ignore cleaning their teeth carefully and regularly, plaque will become thick and gradually cause gingivitis.

To best prevent periodontal disease, they should brush their teeth at least twice a day, rinse the mouth after brushing and use floss to clean between the teeth.

Dental plaque should be removed at least twice a year.

Changing habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are the best preventative measures for avoiding dental disease.

Denture to replace missing teeth

Elderly people have less chance of losing their teeth if the teeth are strong and healthy.

If a tooth is lost, the strongest teeth are affected leading to a disorder of the bite plate.

Once a tooth is lost, the person should go to Apple Dental Clinic for a dental check and prosthodontics (replacements).

For people who already have a denture, treat the denture as if it were real teeth.

If the denture is removable, it should be taken out when resting or sleeping to keep denture mucosa clear and facilitate blood circulation.

The denture should be cleaned, soaked in cold water in a container with a glass lid.

Apple Dental Clinic knows that a visit to the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people, including the elderly. Our staff are highly trained professionals who put all our patients at ease as they receive excellent treatment using the latest technologies and materials.

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