Dental Care for Children

Children need strong teeth that will see them through not just their childhood but their adult lives.

It is important for children to learn good oral care at the earliest age possible to save them pain, time and money as they grow older.

Why do children suffer from oral diseases?

There are many causes:

  • Sucking fingers or thumbs can cause disfigurement and result in overbite teeth or prevent the growth of their second set of teeth
  • Gnashing or grinding teeth can damage the tooth’s enamel leading to tooth sensitivity
  • Tongue pushing can cause overbite and affect speech and voice
  • Biting lips can result in difficulty when tightening their bite
  • Breathing through the mouth can result in problems with upper jaw development leading to an open bite
  • Biting the finger nails can cause damage to the bite and break tooth enamel resulting in disfigurement
  • Eating many sweets and sugar rich foods and drinks can lead to tooth decay
  • Failure to brush teeth regularly often leads to formation of plaque, leftover food forms harmful bacteria which can break down the structure of teeth
  • Resting the chin can cause loss of facial symmetry and ultimately lead to loss of teeth

Common dental diseases in children

Parents should ensure their children’s teeth are checked regularly by a dental professional to avoid problems or to detect problems early so they can be treated.

  1. Tooth decay

This is the most common disease encountered by most children.

Failing to brush the teeth regularly especially after eating sweets and drinking carbonated soft drinks will promote the growth of bacteria leading to tiny activities which will slowly erode the enamel, dentine and pulp pf the teeth. If not treated, decay will result in pain and ultimately could lead to loss of teeth.

  1. Uneven tooth growth

Some children develop habits such as teeth grinding, chin resting and thumb sucking which can cause overbite, loss of teeth, uneven growth and cramped teeth.

While this affects a child’s appearance, it also can negatively affect how they eat and drink.

  1. Gingivitis

Like adults, children can also suffer from gingivitis which is caused by poor oral care.

Some symptoms such as red, swollen and bleeding gums, can be observed with the naked eye. Halitosis (bad breath) is another symptom.

Early detection and timely treatment will help cure the disease. If not treated promptly, periodontitis, the loss of gums and gum recession, could result.

How to take care of children’s teeth

There is no better cure for children’s dental problems than prevention from a young age.

It is critical for the child to develop the habit of brushing their teeth regularly. If they can’t do this themselves, parents should help them.

  • For children under one year old, parents can use gauze or a soft cloth to wrap around their finger and clean the gums daily.
  • From one to two years old, parents show the child how to use a soft bristle toothbrush, designed for very young children, at least daily
  • From three years on, children should brush twice daily under the supervision of their parents. Children’s toothpaste should be used sparingly. This will help remove plaque from the child’s teeth and food left over between the teeth.

Comprehensive dental care for children at Apple Dental Clinic

While children can experience many problems with their teeth, parents should not be worried.

Dentists at Apple Dental Clinic are experts at working with children and through their commitment and professional skills, a child’s teeth can be given complete care.

  1. Dental filling to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most common dental disease facing children. If left untreated, it will lead to serious consequences and could result in infection and loss of teeth.

When a tooth is lost, other teeth move to fill the gap resulting in crooked teeth and buckteeth.

At Apple Dental Clinic, your child’s dentist will clean and remove any decayed area, then use specialized, high quality, tooth filling materials.

This will ensure a flat tooth surface where the bacteria is unable to survive.

Remember, cleaning the teeth regularly significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay.

  1. Dental braces for beautiful, straight teeth

Gaps in teeth and buck teeth have many causes.

One is genetic/hereditary, another is external force or impact from bad habits when children’s bones are not fully developed.

If correction with a dental brace is postponed until adulthood, it is more difficult to achieve the optimal result as teeth will have fully developed.

The dental brace is a simple orthopedic measure and is the most effective way to give your child a beautiful smile.

The ideal time to brace a child’s teeth is between the age of 14 and 16 years. Howeverfor children aged between nine and 18, their bones are still growing and it is an easier process with a quicker result that for adults.

Apple Dental Clinic offers the latest and best methods of bracing to suit each individual need and the financial situation of each parent. Your children will have beautiful teeth in the shortest time.

  1. Dental pathology repairing

Many people are surprised that oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontal inflammation and myelitis can occur not only in adults but also in children.

Once any of these problems is identified, the child should be taken to Apple Dental Clinic as soon as possible for treatment.

Regular check-ups twice each year are also highly recommended for extensive, professional examination and tartar removal.

At Apple Dental Clinic, we understand that a visit to the dentist can be stressful for a child so we take great care to put each of our child patients at ease. They not only receive a cure for any problem they might have, but they and their parents also benefit from the advice of dedicated, caring dentists.

We share every parent’s aim – beautiful teeth for your children and we are waiting to help you achieve this.

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