Porcelain Esthetics Crowns & Bridges

Being happy with your smile, not being self-conscious when we show our teeth, is important to us all.

Apple Dental Clinic specializes in porcelain esthetics. These are crowns and bridges that have a natural look and feel, and are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

How many types of porcelain esthetics are there?

At Apple Dental Clinic, we apply two methods to bring high efficiency: the tooth crown and the tooth bridge.

After a full examination, the dentist will discuss with the patient and advise the most appropriate type of treatment.

  • Tooth Crown

Many customers visit Apple Dental Clinic when they have a problem with broken teeth. Issues we see most often are:

  1. Teeth are cracked, chipped and have a weak root
  2. Dull teeth, yellowed teeth not improved by other treatments
  3. Damagedimplant teeth
  4. Treated root canal teeth
  5. Inappropriate and bad shaped teeth.

The expert dentist will use a crown to cover the entire tooth damage.

Besides increasing the load-bearing capacity, the crown also helps improve the shape and colour of the teeth.

This method is very popular delivering strength and a natural looking beauty to the tooth.

  • Tooth Bridge

Unlike a crown which is used mainly for prosthetic work,a dental bridge is the cure for those customers experiencing the loss of one or more teeth.

Loss of teeth seems a simple concept but the impact is not quite that simple. Teeth are part of a unit, one tooth supporting others.

If one or more teeth are lost, it will firstly cause imbalance, hurt the teeth bite and reduce the strength of the remaining teeth. As time goes by, it will lead to periodontal diseases such as periodontitis and gum inflammation.

When you lose a tooth, you should quickly look for the most appropriate method of treat.

An implant is an excellent method but for some, it is beyond their budget. Apple Dental Clinic is also expert in tooth implants delivering extraordinary value when compared with the prices charged in other countries.

If an implant might be out of reach, a tooth bridge is also highly effective.

The dentist will examine how strong is the jaw mold and the condition of the area from where teeth are missing. If it is healthy, a tooth bridge will extendits function. The dentist will craft a small part of the two teeth on each side of the missing for use as poles on both sides for mounting the bridge.

Replacement teeth will be attached to dental pulp.

What material is used for Tooth Crowns and Tooth Bridges?

These materials are quite diverse and the choice is up to the customer, with expert advice from Apple Dental Clinic.

Materials for crowns and bridges include porcelain,gold, plastic and alloy. However,using porcelain gives great strengthand colour similar to natural teeth.

How long can you use Tooth Crown and Tooth Bridge?

Normally, we can use crowns and bridges are permanent. However, in some cases, because of improper oralcare, teeth and bone tissue aredamaged, then the life will be decreased.

To ensure long- term use, Apple Dental Clinic makes the following recommendations:

  • Keep gums and teeth healthy by brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day and use dental floss daily
  • Limit using of hard, solid foods and iced water
  • Visit the dentist periodically for a check-up

What are features of Dental Esthetics at Apple Dental Clinic?

  • You will be treated by highly qualified and experienced dentists whowill ensure the tooth restoration process is successful and carried out quickly.
  • At Apple Dental Clinic, we have a team of talenteddentists with many years of professional experience and who have attended many training courses all over the world. Among them is Dr. Tran Quan Thuy – Director of the center –senior expert on dentistry.
  • Fitting crowns and bridges requires professional medical examination so that the outcome is most successful for the patient and meets all their needs and expectations.  At Apple Dental Clinic, patients will have a CT scan to determine the exact positions the dentist will work on, have parameters takenand the jaw marked.The dentist will then discuss the situation closely with the patient to help them understand and choose the most appropriate treatment.
  • The materials usedfor crowns and bridges plays an important part in both the appearance and the durability. Apart from common materials, at Apple Dental Clinic, customers can also choose Nobel Biocare Zirconia porcelain (its color is similar to original color of teeth, it brings biological safety while completely avoiding the black gum line) or porcelain on  precious metals ( gold , platinum  or palladium to increasedurability)

Preventing Tooth Decay


The greatest enemy of teeth is decay.

Decayed teeth can cause pain and discomfort, affecting our happiness and mood, how we eat and indeed how we look.

The best cure for tooth decay is to treat it as soon as soon as possible. A regular dental checkup at Apple Dental Clinic can identify decay in its very early stages before the problems start.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that destroysthe tooth’s surface structureforming a deep hole. If not cleaned and filled properly, the hole will become deeper destroying the tooth’s structure, causing pain and potentially even the loss of the tooth.

What causes tooth decay?

Millions of living bacteria accumulate in our mouth every day. They accumulate in salivaand food particles, and form a dense layer on the surface of the teeth known as plaque. The plaque feeds on the sugars in the food we eat forming acids that cause tooth decay.

The greatest and most dangerous ‘enemy’ of teeth is sugar. Nevertheless, sugar plays an important role in our body. It is the main food that gives us the energy necessary for all human activities. Sugar is also the main food to feed the millions of bacteria that exist in our teeth every day so we should limit our consumption to protect dental health.

How do we prevent tooth decay?

There are several ways of effectively preventing decay.

  1. Tooth brushing

You need to brush your teeth at least twice each day, in the morning and at night. This is the best way to prevent tooth decay. You should be careful to clean teeth in places that are often difficult to reach including the spaces between teeth, the neck of the teeth neck and where the teeth meet the gums.

To clean your teeth, you should:

  1. Choose a good quality toothbrush with a straight handle, with soft and thin bristles of equal height
  2. Hold the toothbrush tightly but do not over apply pressure to the teeth
  3. Brush the teeth each time following a pattern so as not to miss any area
  4. Brush over the tops of the teeth, the inside and the outside to ensure a comprehensive clean
  5. Don’t forget to brush the tongue
  1. Regularly use dental floss

Regular brushing cannot guarantee clean teeth especially in the space between. To best protect your teeth, you should use dental floss.

  1. Mouthwash

Using mouthwash helps kill oral bacteria to prevent tooth decay effectively.

  1. Fluoride

Many studies show that fluoride can prevent decay. Most toothpastecontainsfluoride. Using toothpaste containing fluoride is also an effective way to help kill bacteria and build the decay resistance of the tooth’s enamel outer layer. Fluoride is an extremely potent weapon in preventing tooth decay.

  1. Sealant

For children and adolescents, coating dental material on the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars (occlusal seal) has proven effective in protecting enamel.

  1. Diet

Besides the prevention of oral diseases above, you should limit food containing carbohydrate sugar, especially sucrose and foodthat leaves plaque like sweets and soft drink. You should brush your teeth after eating sweets, use straws to drink soft drinks. Eat vegetables and fruit containingfiberto help clean the tooth surface and they are also good for digestion.

You should not brush your teeth immediately after eating but instead wait for 30 to 60 minutes as acidity in food can temporarily takeaway tooth minerals.If you brushyour teeth immediately after eating it can cause tooth erosion.

How often should I attend the dentist?

Visit the dentist at least twice a year for a comprehensive check-up and teeth cleaning.

Periodic comprehensive dental examination is necessary to ensure any problems you might have with decay are identified and treated quickly before they could become painful, major problems.



Removable dentures from Apple Dental Clinic are an economical way of replacing missing teeth offering functionality when chewing and the appearance of natural teeth.

What are the advantages of a removable denture?

A removable denture can be completed at lower cost than a fixed denture or other restoration measures such as an implant.

Depending on whether upper or lower dentures, the base frame can be made from titanium metal, dental plastic or ceramics. These materials are benign and absolutely safe for the body, they do not irritate gumsnor are there any other negative side effects.

Removable dentures can be inserted and removed easily, they are easy to clean, never have cavities and do not make chewing difficult.

They improve facial aesthetics,can help build a good appetite and improvepronunciation when talking.

Denturetake a little time to create and fit and deliver long lasting durability, especially a fixed removable denture on an implant or on metal frame.

Who should use removable dentures?

For those who lose a few teeth and who find implants expensive, the removable dentureis the optimal restoration method.

For patients with missing teeth interspersed with long spaces between where a fixed restoration is not possible, the removabledenture is the answer.

Types of removable denture at Apple Dental Clinic:

Hard plastic removable denture

This can be a partial or full denture with a hard plastic base. A partial denture is for patients with a few teeth missing while a full denture is for those without teeth on the top, bottom or both jaws.

Removable denture with metal frame

This is similar to the hard plastic removable denture but with a metal frame which allows the denture to be smaller often giving the patient greater comfort.

Elastic removable denture

This is on a biosoftplastic base without a metal hook.Its advantage is that itsframeis lighter and fits tighter than a hard plastic or metal frame denture. The elastic denture lasts longer due to its elasticity giving greater resilienceand better aestheticswithout the presence of a metal hook.

Removable denture procedure at Apple Dental Clinic

Step 1: The dentist will do a full examination of the teeth and gums, determine the health status of the patient, perform X-ray scans to check the density and height ofthe jaw, then discuss with the patient the suitability, advantages and disadvantages of each type of denture and explain fully the process to be undertaken.

Step 2: The dentist will take measurements of the jaw frame and size of the tooth gap thensendit to the technical department to make dentures to fit that patient’s teeth frame.

Step 3: The dentist carries out a process of cleaning the oral cavity

Step 4: The denture is attached temporarily to check its fit and then adjusted if necessary and the dentist discusses with the patient how the denture is to be used, washed, etc.

Insertion and removal of the denture is painless without any bleeding giving beautiful teeth in the shortest possible time. It is usual to feel slight discomfort when the denture is first fitted however after a short time the denturewill have adapted to the body.

A removable denture from the Apple Dental Clinic has been life changing for many, restoring appetite, significantly improving facial aesthetics and rebuilding personal confidence.



No one wants to havetheir teeth removed but when problems such as significant tooth decay or misaligned teeth exist, then tooth extraction is requiredto ensure good oral health.

Apple Dental Clinic considers all options in full consultation with the patient before extraction is recommended.

Who should have tooth extraction minor surgery?

Extraction may be necessary if you have:

  • Bad tooth decay or nerve damagecausing prolonged pain andwhich cannot be treated with medicine or other methods. Minor extractionquickly eases the pain. If left untreated, tooth decay can result in pain and can cause infection.
  • Wisdom teeth which have grown late and are misaligned and painful. They can affect chewing and talking but both problems can be remedied with extraction. Bacteria from food residual around wisdom teeth can cause gum infection which then leads to swelling and pain, bad breath and sometimes locked jaw. Gum disease can recur repeatedly until the wisdom teeth have been either treated or removed. In some cases, if issues with wisdom teeth are not treated promptly, the infection spreads to the surrounding area, such as ears, cheeks, eyes and neck endangering health and even life.
  • Severe periodontal (gum)disease:the may be loose because the surrounding supportive bone has been destroyed and cannot be repaired in which case extraction is the most simple and economical solution.
  • Orthodontic braces. It is sometimes necessary to have teeth extracted to create the space needed for orthodontic treatment.
  • Broken teeth and/or a broken teeth root due to injury which cannot be treated by filling any other form of restoration.

What is the process for extraction?

The dentist will first give the patient a full oral examination before deciding which treatment option to recommend. Extraction is likely to resolve the issue of severe pain over an extended period and where other methods for treatment are not practical or possible.

The degree of difficulty in extracting a tooth depends on the position and shape of thetooth root, this is determined from an X-ray scan. The dentist will explain exactly what is involved in the patient’s individual case and how easy or difficult extraction is likely to be. Normally,extraction is easier for upper teeth than lower.

After extraction, the mouth will swell, this can last a few days in the case of wisdom teeth extractions. However, the wound will soon heal and the dentist will provide instructions on how to best shorten this healing process.

Tooth extraction procedure at the Apple Dental Clinic

Step 1: The dentist will check the status of the patient’s oral health, conduct an X-rayscan of the jaw andcheck general health to determine the patient is suitable for minor surgery.

Step 2 : The patient takes pain medicationsprior to surgery, uses mouthwash and blood pressure measurements are taken in preparation for the extraction.

Step 3 : The dentist will apply anesthesia to minimize or eliminate pain from the tooth extraction and perform the surgery.

Step 4 : The patient returns for a follow-up examination after the surgery and any stitches will be removed after seven days.

What to do if you have tooth extraction minor surgery

  • Keep absorbent cotton-wool pads in for 20-30 minutes if there is bleeding.
  • Apply cold compresses within the first 24hours. Apply the compress for 15 minutes then rest for 15 minutes to relieve the pain and swelling(the cold pack should be kept in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.)
  • In the early days after surgery, eat only foods, avoid chewing and keep the injury clean to avoid infection and to speed up the healing.
  • Do not put anything on the wound or drink through a straw. Do not eat salty food that can make the injury sting.
  • Do not use mouthwash within the first three days;do not drink alcohol or smoke or overwork.
  • Normal eating can resume usually after three days but be careful about chewing in the area where the tooth was removed.
  • Brush the teeth carefully, use mouthwash with diluted salt water or saline solution from the third day after minor surgery. Avoid using other mouthwashes unless specified.
  • Take medicine as prescribed by the dentist.
  • Contact the dentist if there are any unusual signs such as numbness, bleeding, fever, swelling or other prolonged pain.

When not to have teeth extraction minor surgery?

  • Infection: With tooth decay and wisdom teeth grow, severe problems can lead to infection from teeth to the bone and surrounding gum. In this case the anesthetic will not workand tooth extraction infection could spread throughout the bodyso tooth extraction cannot be performed. The extraction would be postponed until the infection has been cured with antibiotics.
  • For those who often use anticoagulant, the extraction cannot be performed as there is the risk of serious bleeding. Normally, the tooth extraction can be performed if a patient ceases use of the drug for three days prior to the extraction.
  • If the patient has undergone heart surgeryin the six months prior to the extraction, strengthened antibiotics must be used to prevent infection.
  • Those with weak health, high or low blood pressure, or a history of allergies should also be monitored carefully before deciding to proceed with a tooth extraction.

Treatment Of Bad Breath

Verbal communication plays an important role in our everyday lives.

It can deliver success in a career and happiness in life, but halitosis, or bad breath, can be a major barrier hampering many who lack the confidence to confidently express their ideas and thoughts.

There are traditional treatments forbad breath but these can be arduous and provide only temporary solutions.
Apple Dental Clinic offers a range of treatments for bad breath which are both safe and efficient.

How do we know if we have bad breath?

People with bad breath are often not aware of their problem but the people they are talking to are only too aware.
To check your breath, cup your hand in front of your mouth and nose and then breathe out.

Using technology, you can check the status of your breath simply by measuring the concentration of bad breath with a halimeter. This is effective and simple.

What causes bad breath?

  • Eating foods with a strong odor such as garlic and onion
  • Poor oral hygiene, not cleaning plaque or food remains on and around the teeth providing an opportunity for bacterial growth
  • Tooth decay leaving gaps where leftover food accumulates and where bacteria proliferate
  • Irregular tongue cleaning, white tartar on tongue is an ideal place for bacteria
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Stomach valve openings
  • Respiratory problems due to dry mouth
  • Gum infection, liver failure and renal failure


Apple Dental Clinic provides thorough treatment

Many patients who have bad breath commonly use traditional treatment or temporary treatment by using product such as spray drug or mint candy.

Many people come to Apple Dental Clinic who do this treatment method but get little benefit from it. Using a specified toothpaste and mouthwash is also a fast way to prevent bad breath.

The highly-trained professionals at Apple Dental Clinic can find out the exact cause and offer specific and long-term effective methods for fixing bad breath.

They will identify the source of the problem and select for you the most appropriate treatment which will bring the fastest effective result. This includes treatment for those suffering from stomach valve openings, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, periodontal disease or dry mouth.

Why choose Apple Dental Clinic?

  • The best equipment and medicines for bad breath
  • A talented team of dentists with many years of experience
  • Professional customer care to put you at ease

Bad breath should be treated thoroughly. After treatment, follow the dentist’s instructions and have regular examinations every two years so that bad breath will never retun.


Dentalcare For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most special time in a woman’s life when her body undergoes massive change.

One of the side effects of the hormonal changes during pregnancy is the easy development of oral disease.

Plaque bacteria caused by poor oral hygiene can lead to pregnancy gingivitis, red gums, swelling, pain and bleeding. So during pregnancy, women need to pay special attention to oral care to protect their teeth for the future.

What dental diseases do pregnant women often encounter?

  1. Gingivitis

This is the most common oral disease related to pregnancy and usually begins as early as at the second month. If women have previously had gingivitis during pregnancy, the situation can be much worse.

Without early detection and prompt treatment, gingivitis can lead to periodontal inflammation, causing destruction of the tissues that support the teeth leading to tooth loss.

  1. Pregnant granuloma

This is a build up of tissue in response to infection and bleeds easily. Normally, it will disappear after the birth however if it causes discomfort and impedes chewing or dental hygiene during pregnancy, then the dentist can remove it.

  1. Tooth decay

Pregnant women often need more nutrition than usual for child development, so pregnant women should eat more and snack often.

If the woman experiences morning sickness early in her pregnancy, vomiting can bring up gastric acid from the stomach which can impact tooth minerals and easily lead to tooth decay.

Why should pregnant women have dental checks during pregnancy?

Many studies show that gum disease during pregnancy is related to premature birth and low birth weight due to increased hormone levels and periodontal disease so pregnant women should have a dental check to detect early symptoms of the disease and to be given timely treatment.

The most suitable time for dental treatment is during the second quarter of pregnancy when the patient can still be comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Teeth whitening should be avoided during pregnancy.

Apple Dental Clinic has advanced dental X-ray machines with specific radiation settings for pregnant women ensuring absolute safety for both the mother and the baby.

Dental care for pregnant women

  • Before pregnancy, have an oral check to ensure safety at the highest level.
  • The diet for pregnant women needs to be balanced to ensure oral health for the mother and nutrition for infant. The baby’s teeth will begin to develop from three to six months so pregnant women should provide enough nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, C and D , protein , phosphorus and iron.
  • Always keep the mouth and teeth clean, brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and use floss after eating.
  • Periodic examination during pregnancy also helps pregnant women maintain oral health and to avoid potential problems before they become real.

 Apple Dental Clinic staff are highly trained professionals who put all our patients at ease as they receive excellent treatment using the latest technologies and materials.


Dental Care For The Elderly

Taking proper care of teeth is the best way to ensure they are strong and healthy.

Dental care is important for all ages, but this is particularly true for the elderly.

Despite regular brushing and flossing of teeth, elderly people can still suffer from many dental problems such as gingival atrophy and receding gums, dry mouth, yellow teeth and brittle teeth.

Many older people eventually lose their teeth making it difficult to eat and it makes them uncomfortable.

Dental care with proper nutrition

Eating the right foods is important for keeping teeth healthy, also cleaning the teeth after eating.

The diet for elderly people should be rich in green vegetables and fresh fruit.

They should eat additional nutrients such as protein, meat, egg, shellfish, soy milk and all kinds of fruit to supplement vitamins and mineral salt to help teeth healthy, avoid eating animal fat and offal.

They should also not eat too hot or too cold food.

After each meal, they should brush their teeth to remove food plaque and be sure not to leave food on or between their teeth.

Food remnants facilitate the growth of bacteria that creates acid and destroys tooth enamel resulting in tooth decay.

Regular dental checks four times a year

While young people are advised to have dental checks twice each year, the elderly should have their teeth checked at Apple Dental Clinic every three months to see if they have any problems, especially with gum diseases that can lead to buccal mucosa cancer.

Periodontal disease prevention for the elderly

Most elderly people are at risk of periodontal disease due to bacterial plaque.

Symptoms include swollen gums, bleeding gums and an unpleasant discharge of pus.

If they ignore cleaning their teeth carefully and regularly, plaque will become thick and gradually cause gingivitis.

To best prevent periodontal disease, they should brush their teeth at least twice a day, rinse the mouth after brushing and use floss to clean between the teeth.

Dental plaque should be removed at least twice a year.

Changing habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol are the best preventative measures for avoiding dental disease.

Denture to replace missing teeth

Elderly people have less chance of losing their teeth if the teeth are strong and healthy.

If a tooth is lost, the strongest teeth are affected leading to a disorder of the bite plate.

Once a tooth is lost, the person should go to Apple Dental Clinic for a dental check and prosthodontics (replacements).

For people who already have a denture, treat the denture as if it were real teeth.

If the denture is removable, it should be taken out when resting or sleeping to keep denture mucosa clear and facilitate blood circulation.

The denture should be cleaned, soaked in cold water in a container with a glass lid.

Apple Dental Clinic knows that a visit to the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people, including the elderly. Our staff are highly trained professionals who put all our patients at ease as they receive excellent treatment using the latest technologies and materials.


Tooth Sensitivity

What is tooth sensitivity?

This is the unpleasant or painful sensation you may experience in a tooth or teeth when you eat or drink something hot or cold, such as ice cream or a cup of hot coffee.

Sweet or acidic food and drinks can also trigger a sensitive reaction in the teeth.

Many people even go as far as to change their eating or drinking habits to avoid the sensitive reaction, some even feel the need to avoid their favourite food and drinks, or change the way they chew food.

Tooth sensitivity can affect people of all ages and if not treated promptly, it can lead to weight loss and a general deterioration in health, happiness and quality of life.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

There are many possible causes:

  • Worn tooth enamel through use of a hard toothbrush or applying too much pressure to the teeth when brushing
  • Brushing the teeth more than three times a day
  • Consuming highly acidic food and drinks such as flavoured sodas
  • Gum recession due to age or gum disease
  • Chipped or fractured teeth, tooth decay or worn fillings that expose the dentin of the tooth
  • Frequent grinding of the teeth, especially by people who snore
  • In women after child birth
  • Some dental treatments such as teeth bleaching, dental scaling, dental braces or fillings.


How to prevent tooth sensitivity?

Prevention can only come after identification of the cause of the sensitivity.

At Apple Dental Clinic, we will examine you to check whether the problem is due to exposed dentin of the tooth or another cause and apply the appropriate treatment as well as providing guidance for proper dental care at home.

You should always use a toothbrush with soft bristles and not brush to strongly to prevent abrasion of the tooth enamel and recession of the gums. A special toothpaste for sensitive teeth is also recommended.

What will Apple Dental Clinic do for you?

  • Apply fluoride gel to sensitive areas to promote healthy teeth
  • Provide a follow-up program so you can do what is necessary at home to eliminate the likelihood of sensitivity in the future including advice on the toothpaste and toothbrush type which are best for you
  • Fit prostheses to reconstruct damaged teeth and lost enamel to keep the teeth healthy
  • Ensure the optimal fit between top and bottom teeth to prevent unnecessary wear, especially for those who grind their teeth
  • Apply gel to help heal damaged dentine
  • If necessary because of missing teeth, provide ceramic coating to protect the pulp inside the tooth

Apple Dental Clinic brings together highly-trained, professional staff who use only the latest technology equipment, drugs and methods to deliver you first rate care and minimise your pain and distress from sensitive teeth.

We recommend avoiding self-treatment for tooth sensitivity as without professional dental examination and identification of the cause, this could see the condition worsen with serious, long term consequences.

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